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My name is Adam Finnemore

I am the head instructor at Multi-Cultural Martial Arts, located in Valrico, FL.


We live in a world that is full of surprises, and often times not the ones we are prepared to overcome. It is my passion to share what I have learned (and continue to learn, daily) with my students to prepare everyone to handle the unexpected and to keep their loved ones safe.

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A little of my training background

I began my training as a young kid in American Kenpo, under the guidance of Kyoshi Mike Fitzgerald. As I gained a fundamental understanding of principle-based training, Kyoshi Mike began opening the floodgates which allowed for me to expand my knowledge base. This included training in Filipino Martial Arts, Indonesian Pencak Silat, Japanese JuJutsu, and Boxing. Eventually, I was introduced to Kyoshi Mike’s instructors, Guru’s Mike and May Williams, and Guru John Savage at Martial Arts Research Institute, in Salem, Massachusetts. Guru’s Mike, May, and John are world class martial artists and have been instrumental to my growth as a martial artist. Through them, I have had the privilege to train with legends, such as Tuhon Jerson Nene Tortal, Grandmaster Edward Lebe, Grandmaster Sabas Gubaton, and Bapak Willem DeThouras. I have also been fortunate enough to have been invited to, and have partaken in, training groups to Southeast Asia through Martial Arts Research Institute. 

Since 2018 I have been located in the Valrico Florida, area. The approach I take with students is to guide them through a principle-based approach to the fundamentals. I work with my them to provide a rock-solid foundation to build upon. Classes are fun and challenging experiences, both physically and mentally that will keep you engaged, motivated, and growing not just within the arts, but as a person.

Through the teachings of my exceptional instructors, I am able to pass on traditional knowledge of these beautiful arts the way that it is intended to be.


My goal is to utilize those training methods to offer a unique opportunity to train in traditional martial arts that are not commonly found in the USA. 


Located in the greater Tampa Bay area, I am a “Tribal Leader” for Martial Arts Research Institute. I am the Florida representative and authorized to teach the arts of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali, Harimau Pasaman Minangkabau Pencak Silat – Baringin Sakti, and Kuntao-Silat DeThouars with the permission of the Guru’s and Grandmasters listed above. 

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